Why Capture?

Actionable insights for every department.

The value of Capture translates into time savings, money savings and smarter machines.

Capture is valuable for engineering throughout a machine's lifecycle. From concept phase to production.

  • Faster bug fixes and well-founded test results
  • Continuous machine improvements through the use of field data
  • Insight into user behavior
  • Connection with Dual, our Digital Twin software platform
  • Remote updates
  • AI integration

Measuring is knowing: Capture increases the production level through data insight

Maintenance and support of your machine fleet is made easier and faster by Capture:

  • One clear overview of the health status of your machines worldwide
  • Track (average) machine downtime
  • Alarms at critical moments
  • Remote support: intervene faster in case of problems,
    save in travel time and costs
  • Predict maintenance or machine downtime
  • Insight into user behavior
  • Faster response time ensures higher customer satisfaction

Improve performance across the entire production

Capture provides operational insight:

  • OEE analyses, capacity utilization, average downtime,…
  • Improve output by measuring and optimizing the performance of your machines
  • Automate processes such as maintenance and detect possible machine downtimes in a timely manner
  • Quality control through machine learning techniques
  • Insight into user behavior
  • Calculate energy efficiency


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