New Capture feature: Asset management

Asset management in Capture

Capture released a new feature: Asset management

Keep an eye on your machines everywhere and in real time by localising the GPS position of your asset.

How does it work?

Easy! If your hardware has a GPS module on board and you have installed Capture, you can map the localization of your machines in no time.

GEO lokalisatie in Capture

The value of asset management

Bringing location data into a dataset provides context to your analysis in ways that aren’t always detectable on a spreadsheet, linear graph, or pie chart. This context also leads to better prioritization, planning, and execution of objectives.

The value of the data will always depend on the project and the purpose of it. The true value is the combination of the gathered data and the localisation. This gives you the possibility to analyse and to optimize the efficiency of your machines.

Some examples of time and money saving advantages:

  1. Keep track on the working hours and performance of your machines or assets
  2. Failure analysis & safety improvements
  3. Predictive maintenance
  4. ...

Challenges to consider when using location data

There are plenty of benefits, but also some challenges to bear in mind.

Some examples:

  • Big data and the internet of Things: make sure you have no resource constraints to store and analyze all of this data!
  • Accuracy: Ingesting location data, verifying its accuracy, and avoiding generalizations can be tricky.
  • Data Privacy: Privacy is critical.
  • Data interpretation: You need to employ skilled experts to understand and to interpret the data before extracting meaning and value from the data.

A tip from our expert

It’s all about making the right decisions! Choosing an interactive, flexible, powerful and future-proof platform is key! Not only for the asset management, but for your complete data strategy.

Step 1: Define your point B/needs based on simple questions: Who needs access to which data to create value? What if connectivity delivers more than just data? What does that mean for your choice today?


Step 2: Ask for advice and scan the market for data platforms. Be unreasonable in ticking off your needs.


Step 3: Select a platform which meets your expectations


Step 4: Test point B using a proof-of-concept.


Step 5: Scale up and realize your strategy without limits.

Why Capture?

  1. Flexibility
    Capture is highly customizable. Create your own branded platform.
    Our plugins allow you to store the data local or in the cloud, the choice is yours.
    There are no limitations in users, supported protocols, the collecting the data points
  2. Scalability
    Selecting a comprehensive scalable data platform is crucial to continuing your company’s development. If your data needs are growing, making sure your system can handle the changing flow of information is key to retaining customers and maintaining efficiency, and ultimately, prepare your company for the future.
  3. Future-proof
    Real-time analytics and the deployment of AI algorithms demands a future-proof way of handling the data. Capture goes beyond pure datalogging.


Capture helps you to Collect, Explore and finally to Adapt your data to true value!

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