Capture Cloud update: new release

This new update to the Capture cloud is a step towards an enterprise framework to develop, deploy and maintain the smart Industry 4.0 solutions of tomorrow.

Focus on the smart Industry 4.0 solutions of tomorrow

Day after day, we are committed to adding new functionalities to our Capture platform. Questions and feedback from customers give us a lot of insight into the challenges of collecting machine data in a structured way, analyzing it and making objective decisions.

This new update to the Capture cloud is a step towards an enterprise framework to develop, deploy and maintain the smart Industry 4.0 solutions of tomorrow.

An overview of the novelties.

A new user interface and navigation

The new user interface makes it easier to navigate between apps. The apps ensure that the functionality is better structured and clearer. By creating shortcuts on the home screen, you can customize your home page and reach the most frequently used submodules more easily.

From old to new

The Apps

Identity & access

This is the app that allows you to manage all of Capture's user and business management. You can create custom roles for the users and address them to different companies and sub-companies.


This is a completely new app and makes it possible to manage your machines in a more efficient way. There are 2 submodules:

  1. Fleet
    This powerful feature allows you to centrally manage configurations for all devices in the field. Capture ensures the synchronization of the entire machine park.
  2. Projects
    With “projects” you group devices into projects, making it easier to search for devices. In addition, a project can also contain additional software resources such as a Dual simulation.


Flexibility is key to our approach. That's why we've created different types of local database endpoints such as Influx, CSV, MQTT, Redis (inmem), and the ability to add multiple sync destinations.

This makes it possible to synchronize your data with the standard Capture cloud or your own private cloud.

Save time by quickly creating connection configuration templates, measurements, and custom json settings and deploying them every time a new device is online.

Where are my machines? What is the status of my machines? Which generate data and which are not connected.

device map view

Within one simple device map view you can see the status of your machine park and within a maximum of 3 clicks you have all the necessary data at your disposal.


Create your own personal overview page with the most visited dashboards to navigate faster.

Configure and generate dashboards more easily and have some standard variables created automatically.

This way we make it faster and easier to create generic dashboards and copy them to sub companies.

power consumption

Analytics app

Get real value from your data by analyzing, interpreting and ultimately optimizing it. Make objective, informed decisions based on data.

In our Analytics app we provide 2 options:

FAAS (Function as a Service)
With FAAS it is possible to create functions.
The functions can be started repeatedly to process data. The FAAS app is able to show the recent logs per function
With FAAS it is possible to create custom endpoints on top of Capture.

  • endpoints for custom data ingestion
  • you can import your own data formats
  • endpoints that perform a custom action
  • programmable in Python, node.js, C#


With this service you can set up a series of activities that you perform to achieve a result. Workflows give more structure to your processes and improve efficiency.

  • Workflows show an overview of all workflows, their recent runs, as well as status history and lead times
  • Workflows visually show how the flow is structured and can show the logs per activity
  • Workflows can be programmed in Python, with Vintecc providing a Git repo and pipeline for deployment.


Resources and platform management

At a glance you have a complete overview of all assets, you get insight into the traffic, your database sizes and the top 10 devices.

Generate an overview of all active and offline devices of your company or sub-companies at the touch of a button. This makes it possible to link a revenue model to the platform yourself.

device plan


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