Customize your environment to your needs

With our plugins, you are able to build a custom data collection framework that even fits into an existing service portal.

Visualisation plug-in

Reporting plug-in

Data transformation plug-in

Collector plug-in

Synchronisation plug-in

Alerting plug-in

User management

The right information for the right person

A personalized experience for all users and keep control over user rights.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Manage companies, teams, users and assign the right roles
  • Create dashboards, reports, alarms tailored to the user


An open platform, ready for collaboration

API stands for Application Programming Interface, but in short it is a kind of communication layer between different platforms.

It allows you to integrate Capture into your own framework. Customised, built on a proven standard.

Our developers are open to support you with any issue.
Request our API documentation.


Your data available, always & everywhere

If you opt for storage in the cloud, then a reliable and robust synchronisation between Edge and Cloud is key. This is possible by:

  • Downsampling for data transfer reduction
  • Secure connection with authentication
  • Cloud back-up

Data transformation

More than just data logging

Capture is an open architecture that connects product systems, machines and factories and communicates with machine builders, integrators, production companies and even end customers. The collected data can be analyzed and processed by AI algorithms and lead to updates on the edge device.

  • Machinelearning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance


Take better decisions with data visualization

  • Intuitive dashboard configuration
  • Confirm achievements by visually representing them
  • Gain insight into trends to quickly anticipate performance degradation
  • Demonstrate relationships between different data sources
  • Share only useful information via our extensive user management


All your machines and data in one central platform

  • Supports all common industrial protocols such as ADS, S7, OPC UA, Modbus, CAN, UDP, MQTT, ...)
  • Sample rates down to millisecond level
  • Easily configure which variables you want to log, how often and under what conditions. Start immediately - without programming
  • Structure your data with data tags such as batches, serial numbers, machine types,...


Immediately informed of important events

The alerting plug-in automatically informs you in case of events.

  • Trigger an email to one or more users
  • Immediately send the most important data condensed in a report
  • Preventive maintenance: forward instructions to prevent machine downtime
  • Increase the quality of your service and receive advice when maintenance needs to be planned


Significant time savings through instant insight

The reporting plugin is a great tool to get a condensed overview of what is relevant to the receiver in one simple report.

  • Unlimited reports fully customized
  • Reports in PDF and CSV via email or export to other locations such as FTP, Sharepoint,...
  • Determine the frequency when the reports are sent
  • Complex data queries possible to create valuable insights


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