There are better ways to manage your machine fleet operations machine park service data te beheren

You just have to find out how.

As a machinebuilder production company system integrator engineer production manager
you want to optimize and manage your machine fleet based on useful and actionable data? Convert hard figures into concrete insights, increase the return on your investments and intervene quickly where and when necessary.

Why Capture?

Actionable insights for every department.


  • Effici te debugging
  • Remote updates
  • AI integration 


  • Remote support
  • Alarms at critical moments
  • Preventive maintenance


  • Process automation
  • OEE analysis
  • Quality control through machine learning techniques

How does it work?

Het capteren van data over meerdere toestellen heen is een eerste en essentiële stap voor het optimizing and automating processes, predicting patterns and the making of well-founded decisions.

Capture biedt meer dan dat. Het is een compleet platform om een machinevloot, verspreid  over de wereld, op een veilige en gebruiksvriendelijke manier te beheren zonder ownership te verliezen.

Capture is scalable highly adaptable and flexible to use, tailored to your organization with the following three objectives:



Collect data
smart, fast and unlimited
where and whenever you want!

Capture ondersteunt de meest gangbare industriële protocollen (Beckhoff ADS, Siemens S7, OPC UA, MODBUS, CAN, etc.)
Collect data without limitation, super fast and hardware independent.
All data is stored in a secure manner on edge and/or in the cloud .


Build custom dashboards

Decide for yourself what the data tells you!
Creëer dashboards met plug-and-play widgets en visualiseer alle individuele gegevens tot in de kleinste details vanuit een totaaloverzicht van je machinevloot.
Automatiseer rapportering op regelmatige basis aan de hand van KPI’s en alarmeer de juiste mensen op het juiste tijdstip in geval van kritische events.


Develop valuable insights for continuous improvement

Transform data into value. Use machinelearning techniques to interpret field data and discover patterns that were previously invisible. 

Grijp tijdig in vanop afstand! Schakel over op preventief onderhoud en remote servicing. Upgrade met één keer klik een volledige machinevloot door middel van remote updates.

Go for plug-and-play or customized

Customization is in the Capture DNA. Configure our
plugins to a custom machine management framework. With our open structure, Capture also fits perfectly into an existing service portal. 

For even higher levels of customization, our engineers will be happy to assist you.

Visualisation plug-in

Reporting plug-in

Data transformation plug-in

Collector plug-in

Synchronisation plug-in

Alerting plug-in

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Creating Smarter Machines

Vintecc is the company behind Capture. Creating Smarter machines is our mission. Collecting, managing and transforming data plays a key role in this. 

Due to our broad experience within the machine building industry, we experience the same challenges as our customers every day. This ensures that we make our software platforms better, more performant and more valuable with every update.

Creëer uw digital twin in
combination with Dual

Optimaliseer uw machine en verhoog uw efficiëntie door het gebruik van Digital Twins. Of speel meteen in op veranderingen of voorspel het gedrag van uw machine door middel van simulatie.


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